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Customer Support

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There is no competition when it comes to ease of use, EasySocial is by far the most comprehensive and the most easy WhatsApp automation and marketing platform. With the lowest learning cure, Intuitive and intelligent user experience you can finally focus on Marketing and increasing ROI.

EasySocial AI WhatsApp Chatbot Platform
Built on AI & NLP technologies
EasySocial is powered by AI & NLP technologies that help you save substancial manpower and lets you handle your customer queries for sales and support with 80% savings and 5x more efficency.
EasySocial no code chatbot builder
No-Code Bot Builder
Design your chatbot within minutes with "ChatFlow", a simple drag and drop interface to design a conversations just like a flow chart. You can also use ready made chatbots from our library for a head start.

EasySocial is changing how businesses imagine WhatsApp Automation.

Live Human Agents
In some cases when a user wants to bypass a chatbot and talk to real human, in such cases chats are directly assigned to human agents to provide seamless customer support. There can be unlimited agents connected to a single WhatsApp number to provide a support experience just like a call centre.
EasySocial Powerful CRM Software
Powerful CRM
EasySocial comes with an integrated CRM that is capable to handle most of customer relationship tasks with complete ease. It helps you filter, prioritise & organise customer data and provide customer support. You have the ability to save specific information about each customer which can be accessed or updated at anytime, you can also tag different users based on origin of the conversation or any other custom categorisation of your choice.

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Core values that push us to go further.


Easy and for Everyone

We understand the challenges that engulf a business and how it ultimately slows down the marketing endeavour. Our tools are visually easy and intuitive and are built for a busy individuals, who expects an intelligent solution to compliment their efforts and drive noticable results.


Driven on Innovation

Thoughtfulness is the essense of our innovation. We want our customers to achieve more with least effort, our products are built for real world bottleneck situations where it is hard to get around. We love complexities and are proud to innovate industry leading solutions around them.


Secure and Reliable

Trust is not a mere word for us, it is our commitment to our customers. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and leading security certification, we endeavour to give our clients a robust and seamless experience. So that your business can run 24x7 with complete peace of mind.

EasySocial WhatsApp Chatbot for enterprise
EasySocial for Enterprise
Scalable solutions with robust security and extreme personalisation is the key to success for business leaders. We handhold you throughout and enable solutions that fit best within your exiting workflows with minimum learning curve. Talk to us to understand how we can take your customer engagement to new heights.

EasySocial is changing how businesses imagine WhatsApp Automation.